Registered vs Unregistered

Some providers of services are registered with the NDIS, and some are not.


It really depends. To be registered, a provider has to go through an audit process and demonstrate that they have dozens of policies and procedures, so that all their staff will (in theory) operate according to strict rules. The thinking behind this is that is prevents injury and/or abuse, whether deliberate or accidental, and ensures high qulaity care.

The huge cost and massive workload to get registered is intended to make sure all goes well. However, there are plenty of sad examples of registered companies not getting it right.

Some people argue that the best thing an audit shows, however, is how good you are at handling audits.

There are many fine companies and individual providers that choose not to go through a long, painful and expensive registration but instead concentrate on delivering a high quality service.

We actually operate an advisory company,l helping others to get registration, as a separate business. However, at this time, we’ve chosen to keep Heartfelt support as a small, one-on-one business who which registration offers no real advantage.

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Author, public speaker and general know-it-all from Adelaide, South Australia

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