What does “Choice and Control”mean?

What does "Choice and Control"mean?

The Independent Advisory Group to the National Disability Insurance Scheme has written a comprehensive paper on choice and control.

They say ” many people with disability have had little experience of choice and control in their life, and that the NDIS requires a massive change in the way everyone worked – for both participants and service providers.

The paper explores what it means to have choice, and what some of the problems are in being able to put this into practice. It also looks at some ways to increase the capacity for choice and control, and how participants move from being compliant and dependent service users to active citizens making active choices and decisions.”

Here at Heartfelt Support we are big believers in choice and control.

If you want read the full paper, you can download it from IAG here: https://www.ndis-iac.com.au/choice-and-control