Support Co-ordination

Let us help you with your basic Level One and Level Two support co-ordination. You’ll find us willing and able to get things done on your behalf. Note that we generally prefer not to provide Support Co-ordination and Mentoring to the same client on a long term
basis… you need a team! 

Here’s what we offer and what it costs your NDIS plan ​- We are fully transparent with fees and services:

Level 1: Support Connection (NDIS Code 01_790_0106_8_3)
What the NDIS says: Assistance for participants to implement their plan by strengthening the ability to connect with the broader systems of supports and understand the purpose of the funded supports and participate in the community. Support Connection will assist a participant to understand the aspects of the plan, assisting in ongoing management of supports, and answer questions as they arise.

What we do: This is all about helping to understand how your plan can work to get you the help you need. We can explain the different kinds of supports you can use and help you work out the detail of what you need from them.

Our rate is the NDIS specified rate for this service

Level 2: Coordination Of Supports (NDIS Code 01_791_0106_8_3)
What the NDIS says: To strengthen a participant’s ability to design and then build their supports with an emphasis on linking the broader systems of support across a complex service delivery environment. Coordination of Supports is to focus on supporting participants to direct their lives, not just their services. This may include resolving points of crisis, and developing resilience in the participant’s network.

What we do: We help you find the most suitable supports for you and we help you to make sure you get the help you need from them.

Self Directed Support Co-ordination
What the NDIS says: Nothing! This one’s our own idea.

What we do: If you don’t have the budget for a Support Coordinator, or would rather control your own affairs, we can supply you with a Mentor/Support Worker to help you do it yourself. You only pay Support Worker rates, and we have some amazing people – such as an ex-CEO of a major NDIS business and highly experienced support workers who will fill in alkkl the information you need to find the help you need,

Our rate is the NDIS specified rate for this service

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