Your Disability Support Services in Southern Adelaide

Heartfelt Support provides you with a range of disability support services to meet your needs across Adelaide.


You deserve to be supported properly…

Our team has a long history of working to help people living with disabilities and in need of support. Through our networks across southern Adelaide, we have a growing list of caring and professional people to help you manage appointments, improve your capacity, get personal support, provide mobility, and make it possible for you to access the service providers you need. We’re here to help you meet your NDIS plan goals… at the very least.

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Mentoring and Support

Let us help you to access the community and get stuff done! Our team of people of all ages and interest are ready to help.

Recovery Coaching

A psychosocial recovery coach is a specialist to help you remove or reduce the barriers that mental illness has put between you and your goals.

Art Therapy and Music

Our art therapy and music programmes can have great results. Sing, paint, dance, play an instrument, do some craft.

Horse Programs

Horses are cool and great to work with. We offer Equine Therapy and our social Horse-Centered Wellbeing program.

Employment Services

Whether you are a recent school leaver or you've been out of school for decades, we have multiple ways to help. We can even help you start your own business.

Home and Garden Help

If your disability makes it difficult for you to undertake standard home maintenance and chores, then let us help out.

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Our Volunteers Love To Share Their Thoughts

If you’re looking for exceptional disability support services in Adelaide, look no further. Our team of dedicated professionals have a range of services to help you reach your goals and live an independent, fulfilling life. We provide comprehensive support to ensure your success. Here’s how we’ll do that for you:

Provide Comprehensive Services

A wide range of services for people with disabilities are offered by our team of professionals. We offer specialised and experienced support to ensure your success with a wide range of support services. Additionally, we make sure that all legal requirements are fulfilled and that your rights are protected.

Listen To Your Goals and Needs

At our disability support services in Adelaide, we always put your needs first. We take the time to listen and understand your goals and needs, so that we can create a tailored support plan for them. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are here to provide guidance and assistance every step of the way to ensure that you reach your individual goals.

Develop An Individual Support Strategy Tailored to Your Needs.

Our selection of disability support services in Adelaide is intended to bring about positive and significant change for people with disabilities. To ensure that you receive the best results from our services, we offer an individual support plan that is tailored to your goals and needs. We’ll give you our undivided attention as we create a support strategy that will enable you to accomplish their objectives, to flourish, to have fun.