Coping with COVID

Recently, I sat down with a lovely lady named Jane, who has been a client of ours for a short while, but in that time we have got to know a humorous, and courageous person.

I asked Jane how COVID-19  had affected her world. Jane told me that the major issue for her had been an increased sense of isolation.  She also said that she had a stronger sense of her own mortality, and wanted to “put things in order”. Jane has a saying – “Life spins on a dime”, and while we use a different currency here, the meaning is the same.  It has never been more applicable.

Jane has little to no contact with family, and being able to access NDIS for support has helped immensely. She has a Support Coordinator, a dedicated Support Worker, cleaning and maintenance assistance, loves coming up to see Astro the pony for a cuppa and chat in the countryside, and recently gained the services of a Chef to help with meals.  All of these services have improved the isolation factor for Jane.

Jane says that she now has a stronger respect for Life in general, and feels lucky, in a sense, that she has blessings to count. Her mantra is to look at the positives – nothing is permanent, and life is changeable.  

Thanks to Jane for her words of wisdom!

Jane has always been a strong advocate for herself, and has many interests. But what if you are one of those people who are still struggling to get some help? Perhaps you feel socially isolated, or disconnected in this changing world.

Here at Heartfelt Support, we will always do our best to assist our clients as we navigate our way through the forests of change.  We can be contacted on 08 7221 1651


Anne Drury-Godden is our Psychosocial Recovery Coach and Horse Program Manager

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